Meet Debbie

Meet Debbie Deupree, CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer)

Q.  How did you get into this type of work?

Debbie: My grandmother, she did energy work. I learned how to do Reiki from her before it was known as Reiki, when I was about five years old.

Q. Did you realize what she was teaching, how she was preparing you?

Debbie: No, I didn’t. At the time I thought all grandmothers taught their grandkids this. It was very normal. On the weekends we would go to Sunday service, come back have lunch, play and then she’d teach me this practice.  In fact, it wasn’t until many years later chatting with my cousin (she was inquiring about my training, after she was blown away from an angel card reading I did for her and her friends) that I found out that nobody knew grandma did energy work. She didn’t pass her work on to anyone else in the family. I have seven cousins around my age, but for some reason, I was the only one.  It’s as if my grandmother knew that I had natural healing gifts, even back then.

Q.  How long have you been doing this type of work?

Debbie: Professionally 8 years.

Q.  How did you get started?

Debbie: (Smiling) two great parts to it. (First part) When I was going to school for business management and accounting and working at a law firm (thought I wanted to be a lawyer) I was involved in a car accident, that felt like it was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak.  And here’s why…

Trying to figure out how to deal with everything happening, school, work, “life” I was asking the universe for help when driving down the freeway I saw a sign that said “massage therapy clinic” which had student practitioners. I thought great, I’ve never had a massage I’d love to try it and let my body relax from all the craziness. I went in to schedule my massage and walked out as an enrolled student.

Q.  What? Did you get your massage?

Debbie: No, I never did get my massage that day, but a year and a half later I walked out a certified and licensed massage therapist where I immediately started working at a doctor’s office helping people. It was an amazing experience. Later on I found out it was the director of the school that had helped me “make my appointment” who was usually never found at the front desk. At that moment when I walked in for some “unknown” reason, there was no one at the office and he saw me waiting and helped me.

Q.  The second part?

Debbie: By this time I had been practicing massage therapy for a couple of years now and I started feeling that there was still something missing, that there was more I needed to be doing, not only for others but for myself.  So I decided to explore Reiki, meditation, guided imagery, connecting with my angels…

Keep in mind that at this time I was oblivious to that whole “intuitive” world. I had great respect for the unknown, but having grown up in South America, you are not only warned by the church to be cautious of intuitives but also warned by others not be scammed. So I was very cautious, a bit skeptical and when I decided to find someone to help me I interviewed them like I did when hiring an employee. Asked for References, looked at their background history, training, interviewed them…the whole 9 yards.

One gal made the cut, I remember that morning very clearly (smiling) she was very detailed, I was there to have energy work something that was not tied to any specific religion, but tailored to my own personal beliefs.

The session started and little by little, with every step she took, it all started coming back. It all felt so familiar. I knew what she would do next. And then it hit me “wait a minute, I know exactly what she is doing, this is what grandma taught me”. And so the journey began.

Q.  What other training have you done?

Debbie: The question should be, what haven’t I done. It would have been nice if there was “intuitive” school. There isn’t, so I’ve made my intuitive education a priority. It’s something that never ends. I’ve taken courses in a wide variety of modalities aside from the professional training as an MT (Massage therapist), including Emotional freedom technique (EFT), Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the Law of Attraction, Angel  Communication, Energy reading, Deeksha, more Reiki,  life coaching… And I continue to take more programs, certifications and trainings every year and will continue to do so to make sure that I am sharing with my clients the most that I can.

Q.   There are a lot of intuitives and intuitive counselors out there. What makes you unique?

Debbie: You are right, there are many intuitives out there, we are all different and unique and I feel that’s the wonderful thing. I feel what makes me different, stand out is that I have an immense focus for people taking heart based action. You can meditate and do energy work all day long but if you are not taking action in one way or another, you are not going to experience the fruit of all your inner work.

I help my clients get clarity and insight about their creative projects, challenges or concerns in order to help them get unstuck and end the feeling of spinning their wheels. Together we discover new perspectives, reframe situations, receive intuitive guidance and at the end of each session they walk away with tips and doable action steps they feel comfortable accomplishing, moving them forward out of a rut. They walk away with clarity, a plan, tangible tasks and results that show up as accomplishments as they are implemented.

I like to call myself a “modern day renaissance woman”, I have a passion for helping people with different tools, the same tool is not always the right tool for everyone. I use intuition, energy psychology, art, meditation, life coaching and other various modalities to help my clients not only receive the information they are in need of but use that information to take heart based action and move past their blocks.

Q.  How do others describe you?

Debbie: (blushing) Very caring, loyal, loving, great listener, kind, sweet, very helpful, down to earth, keen for understanding people and where they come from.

Q.  How would you describe yourself?

Debbie: (laughs) Yes, definitely caring, I probably care more than needed, I tend to be a workaholic, I feel I’m bold and direct, I feel honesty is very important. I definitely don’t like to sugar coat things. I’m very sensitive yet strong, respectful and silly when appropriate.

Q.  Your Kryptonite?

Debbie: Animals for sure!

Q.  Anything else you’d like to share about your work?

Debbie: Inspiration, intuition, art, meditation…I wholeheartedly feel that anyone can benefit from utilizing these tools, but I also understand that it’s not for everyone and I respect that. I’m not hear to ‘sell’ anyone on my work, I tell people that they should only take that which resonates with them, what feels that they’ll benefit from and leave everything else behind and if none of it resonates with them that’s perfectly okay too!

I love what I do, who I am and the wonderful people I have the pleasure of meeting in this line of work, I wouldn’t change a thing!