Working Together: Intuition

Helping smart kind-hearted women who want to live a more joyful & authentic life reclaim their spark, feel more inspired and discover their own heart based action steps!


We are all born intuitive, you’ve certainly experienced that gut feeling or little voice before, urging you to take or not take a certain step or make a decision.

When you are in the middle of your own “stuff” its hard to step out from the center of the overwhelm of it all and be able to clearly see what do next or how to look at your situation from a fresh and more empowering perspective.

There are moments like those, when it’s such a blessing to be able to receive “extra” insight and clarity from a seasoned professional intuitive to assist you to getting back on your way.

Other times all you need is just a little inspiration, reminder or confirmation that you are on the right path, clarity on how to start taking action on something you’ve been thinking about for some time now.

If you (or someone you know) are tired of feeling…

√  Overwhelmed
√  Pecking at the mirror wondering why the heck you aren’t moving forward
√  Not sure what step to take next
√  You feel disorganized and scattered

And are ready to…

√ Take the right kind of heart-inspired action
√ Discover how to get inspired and stay inspired
√ Receive guidance, clarity and peace of mind
√ Receive assistance on getting yourself together

Then there are two things you can do:

1. Get the guidance you deserve. Schedule a session to get assistance with your questions.
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Because when you know you are ready, well you just know…

Private one-on-one clarity & inspiration session:

All sessions are exclusively over the phone (no need to drive anywhere). Plus you get a 15 minute follow up session for support AFTER your 50 minute session to assist you in your continued success moving forward.

Introductory offer of $188.

How to Schedule Appointment:

Scheduling a Session

You’ll also get to experience what it’s like to connect with your angels, guides and learn some heart opening intuitive/energetic tools to assist when dealing with overwhelm and frustration.

What people are saying about working with Debbie…

Milda Vaivada Soirée Celebrations-cropped“My session with Debbie really helped me shift and come into a place of light and I refer back to her notes I took during the reading almost every day. Thank you!” ~ Milda Vaivada
wendy 300x334“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience an Intuitive Reading. It was a great and relaxing experience, you made it easy and comfortable.
Most importantly, I was able to relate to all the feelings and emotions you mentioned. I would definitely do it again! I believe it’s a great way to help me deal and understand my feelings and experiences and I would recommend everyone to try it!” ~ Wendy Lares
JBlooms LLC Jessica Justice by Sarah Giffrow at Sarah Giffrow Creative“I’ve had several Intuitive sessions with other intuitives before and I felt Debbie’s session was accurate and consistent with the readings I’ve had before.
In my sessions it’s always read that I have a strong female presence and the color associate with that in my space, Debbie saw that too.
I loved how in our mini 15min session she was still able to help me by giving me actual ‘how to’ tips on how to allow the creativity to come, and how to work with the on the “on demand” part of that instead of being at the mercy of waiting for inspiration to visit me. I got a bit if a headache (she mentioned I might), because I needed to have worked more with one of the intuitives tools available (golden suns) more, just bring that energy down to feel more grounded, I was able to clear my headache with my hubby’s help ;) Thanks again!” ~ Jessica Justice, Owner of J blooms LLC
Shelley Webb2“After my session with Debbie, I knew I was in for a rough year. We spoke about change and leaving things behind in order to move forward. I resisted, but it was pointless.
I have since learned to trust her intuitive powers and have learned to tap into my own a bit after learning some of her techniques. She is genuine, caring, and exquisite in her work.” ~ Shelley Webb R.N.
Jemma-Testimonial-blog-122x203-122x160Debbie is the best. She has such energy and is very positive…what an inspiration!” ~ Jemma Bosch
Sandy Zuniga“The EPIC group is a breath of fresh air! Debbie always seems to intuitively know the right messages to send to make a difference in my day.
The love and caring that goes on in the group is amazing. I love this group!” ~ Sandy Bobal-Zuniga
Stacy-The-Unchained-Entrepreneur“I had the pleasure of receiving one of Debbie’s Angel Card readings last December. I was not familiar with this type of work at all, but I was really impressed—especially with her intuitive power.
She hit the nail right on the head many times, pointing out critical things I’d been overlooking or avoiding even though they were right in front of me. It was almost uncanny.
And her guided meditation was very fulfilling. I left our appointment feeling more grounded and centered, and aware of what was holding me back in the moment and what I really needed to be focusing next. Good stuff!”
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity February 1, 2011 – as recommended on LinkedIn ~ Stacy Karacostas
dana“Hi everyone – Just wanted to share that I had my intuitive check-in with Debbie today and it was FANTASTIC! I can’t believe how on target it was — and so helpful!!! Thanks, Debbie!” ~ Dana D’Orsi



SandyinPoconos-smallerfile“OMG…thank you SO much for the lovely gift box! I adore everything in it — your “Me Time” bath salts are DIVINE. 
The fragrance is absolutely heavenly and I’m looking forward to many more baths with them.” ~ Sandra Martini, Business Growth & Marketing Expert
“Hi Debbie, I took a few yoga classes when you had your studio in Santa Ana on Main Street. It amazes me how life takes shape. I now know it was not a coincidence. A few years later I am still connected with you because of your newsletters. And I am now able to see how wonderful your work is. I recently took reiki 1 and have been taking meditation healing groups. I am very curious about angels and spirit guides. I felt one on my last meditation :)))) anyways, long story to tell you that you have helped me even when I didn’t know it or was aware of it. Thank you for the work you do and for sharing the beautiful realm of spirit, guidance, joy. Light and love for you xo” ~ Filipa Da Silva